Hello World!

I’ve created #import flying to document my quest to find the answer to the following question:  “Can a technical person with neophyte programming knowledge (that’s me!) study long enough to become a recognized expert coder?”

The name itself is inspired from an XKCD comic, which got me interested enough to learn the basics of Python.  I have mastered the art of copypasta just as well as any other Python developer.

The goal of this site is to simply share knowledge as I learn new things about programming.  I’m interested in various areas, but my main goal is to make coding a full time job.  It will take perseverance to accomplish my goal.

Just to include some usable content in the first of many self-mastabatory posts, there’s a brilliant man named Richard Buckland who teaches higher computing at UNSW, and he has some amazing lectures up on YouTube which blew my mind and kept me entertained at the same time.

Note to future-self:  This is where it began.  Stay away from Reddit, god dammit.